Woven Plastic Mats

A few Selections and why you should get one

Mat 1

Our Rating:

Stansport Tatami Ground Mat – 5’x6′

This mat is made from recycled materials that are woven into a material which is close to canvas weight. Not ideal as a carpet but makes a great field-side seat or place to lay out during court.

We rated 3.3 – Solid seating option but its a bit smaller and not going to make the best flooring

Mat 2

Our Rating:

Baljees USA – 6’x9′ Woven Plastic Mat

Bright colors, multiple design variants available for any decor. They have a few other sizing options at different prices listed as well. This mat will be thicker than your first option, and has a seam in the middle for easy folding and storage. They have a visually pleasing moderately complex pattern.

We rated 4.2 –  Excellent flooring material, the seam actually helps it to fold and roll small, and for the size its a great price.

Mat 3

Our Rating:

Mad Mats Oriental indoor/outdoor 6’x9′

Brilliant colors, intricate patterns, and made with the intent to give the highest durability. These rugs can withstand occasional sun, and come with a 1 year color guarantee. These mats are reversible and do not have the seam in the middle, which means they roll wider but do not have a visual disruption running down the center

We rated 4.7 – Highest quality materials and a year long color guarantee are great, plus its a very intricate, visually pleasing weave. Yes, it’s more money, but you’re paying for the top end of flooring.


So Why Get a woven plastic mat?

To begin with, woven plastic mats are one of the most durable options for flooring. While option 1 may simply be “outdoor seating”, if you spring for options 2 or 3, you will have a tent floor that will last for years. They’re not indestructible, but they won’t take water damage because they’re plastic, are easy to clean, and will take an absolute beating in comparison to other flooring materials while holding up nicely.

Second, they’re lightweight and super easy to roll up and toss in the back of your car or trailer. They won’t weigh you down like trying to carry 45 square feet of actual rugs to war would, and option 2 having a seam in the middle means you can fold it easily before rolling, which means it may be better for those who would like to fit their gear into more compact spaces.

Finally, most importantly, everyone hates walking into their tent, kicking off their shoes, and feeling like you’re stepping into a sand pit. Heaven help you if you forgot your broom in the car, parking is WAY out there. . . Thankfully, woven plastic mats eliminate the feeling of grit because they’re loose enough that the sand and dirt particles fall through to the tarp underneath, leaving you able to walk on a grit-free plastic surface. If you frequent long wars, and don’t like sweeping every 5 minutes, you will never go back to other conventional flooring. 


-Easy to clean
-Can take a beating
-Eliminates the greater need to sweep
-Vibrant colors
-Easy pack-up


-Limited size and pattern options
-Because they're plastic, things like air mattresses can slide over time if you're camping on an incline
-If you overlap more than one of them, they tend to be a tripping hazard

So what's the Verdict?

There's a reason we started with these under camping essentials. They rock. We listed a few different options so that people could narrow down what they're looking for, but if there's one thing to say to traditional flooring it's, "Never again." You will get several years out of the woven plastic, and your feet will thank you at every event. We absolutely recommend trying one and seeing for yourself the difference they make.