Meet the Merchants

These people work hard to provide you with the best wares at all your favorite events! Merchants have been separated by category, and their sites or social media have been linked for easy access. Go show them some love! 

Viking Archery Supply – Archery goods

Arma Moskovia – Armor

ArmStreet – Armor, clothing, and accessories

Aesir Metalwyrks – Medieval armor and accessories
Age of Chivalry – Battle-ready swords and daggers

By My Hand Designs LLC – SCA weaponry and misc

Darkwood Armory – Swords and rapiers
Firedryk Steel – Armor, knives, and swords
IceFalcon Armory – Armour and weapons
Munitions Grade Arms – Rattan & Weapons supplies

Plasticsmith Armoury – High density polyethylene armour 

Quilted Armour – Quilted armour custom orders

Therion Arms – Historical arms, armor, and world antiques

Torvaldr’s Leatherworks – Leather armor and battle accessories
Valkyrie Forge – Armour
Weapon Masters – Cold steel blades
Windrose Armoury – Armour

Zen Warrior Armory – Fencing armor and arms


Alworthy’s Forge, Esq – Blacksmith

Brandr Forge – Blacksmith, classes available

Chokecherry Forge – Blacksmith

Rabenwald Metalsmything – Blacksmith

Rockmaple Forge – Cutlery and ironwork


Auntie Arwen’s Spices – They control the spice

Boggy Hollow Bee Farm – Family farm / produce
Ivory Isis – Herbal remedies, aromatherapy, jewelry, misc

Kassandra Creations – Soap and self-care

Odyssey Coffee – Coffee

Root to Route Botanicals – Botanicals and loose leaf tea
The Bee Folks – Wax and Honey

96 District Fabrics – Affordable Fabrics

Amazonia – Marbled Scarves
B. Coole Designs – Machine embroidered badges & parasol covers
Bedlam Bazaar – Embroidery
Calontir Trim – Trim
Consortium Emporium – Spinning supplies and crafts
Dixie Weaver – Tablet weaving, threads, and accessories
Miriam’s Yarns and Fibers – Historically accurate fabric/fibers
Tied to History – Fabric and Sewing supplies
To-Ply Fiber Arts – Thread and fiber
Ursula’s Alcove – Thread and fiber


Barb’s Garb – Garb

Designs by Kate – Garb and accessories
Fyne Hats by Felicity – Milliner in medieval and renaissance periods
Giggling Wenches Handcrafts Inc – Custom handmade Garb
Historic Enterprises – Garb and historical reproductions
Hobbitronics – Garb, accessories, and teddy bears
Hooded Hare – Garb
Kevat’s Bag – Garb
LinenGarb – Hand dyed 100% Linen Garb
Phoenix Garb & Trim – Garb & trim
RenArts Design – Screen-printed t-shirts and bags (the Gulf Wars/Pennsic T-shirt people)
T’ger Toggs – Garb
The Basketman – Baskets, stripey socks, & more
The Cedar Wardrobe – Period garb, stays / corsets
The Practical Viking – Handmade garb and viking accessories
UnderWares Historical – Medieval underclothes
Valkyrie UnderWares – Medieval underclothes
White Wolf and Phoenix – Handwoven goods

Acts of Piracy – Decorative metal castings

 Aurora’s Creations – Handmade jewelry
Bespoke Pewter – Castings made with stone-carved moulds
Çok Güzel – Jewelry and fabric
Crafty Celts – Hand crafted Viking jewelry
Drachenstein Treasures – Jewelry, crowns, & coronets
Dragonscale Jewelry – Jewelry and fine arts
Feed the Ravens – Reproduction metalwork and jewelry
Gaulker Medieval Wares – historical metalwork & authentic antiquities
Good Girl Gone Bead – Glass beads and jewelry
Gryphon’s Moon – Celtic/pagan jewelry, cloaks, leather-bound journals, misc
Irene’s Treasures – glass, casting, metal forming, jewelry
It’s-a-Seraphina – Coronets, bone-carved peerage medallions, & custom embroidery
Manipulations in Wire – Handmade wire sculptures and jewelry
Purple Dragon Jewelry – Jewelry and fragrances
Raymonds Quiet Press – Cast bronze jewelry and Accessories
Redwolf Ltd – Handmade Jewelry
The Fairy Tales Chest – Handmade jewelry and medieval weaving tools
The Spinning Toad – Rocks, jewelry, garb, and misc
Thorthor’s Hammer – Metalwork
Tomas the Lapidary’s Jewelry – Handmade circlets and jewelry
Vault of Valhalla – Handcrafted jewelry

A Leather Crafter – Pouches, belts, and more

D&B Leather – Leather, furs, tankards, misc

Green Mountain Leathercraft – Leathercraft, socks, beads, misc

Kentucky Leather and Hide – Leather supply

King’s Ransom – Leather mugs and Leather products

Riddle Me True Leathercraft – Leather masks bags and accessories

TLC Leathercraft – Leather reenactment goods

Aesc & Thorn – Author

Baron’s Beauties – Parasol
Blue Dragon Glass – Stained & etched glass
Ian’s Grove – Hand made products
Jadi’s Silk Road – Blog Link
Kraken Press – Custom & SCA logo prints
Longship Luxury Goods – Handmade Viking goods
MacGregor Historic Games – Period games, dice / playing cards
Medusa Trading Co – Vintage & handmade accessories
Misc Etc – Handmade…almost anything! Requests welcome
Norse Gypsy Forge – Drinking horns & misc
Timeless Manufacturing – Hand crafted misc
Wanderlust Import Trading Company  – Percussion instruments & misc
Wynn’s Wares – Handmade historical craft tools 
Claybaby Pottery – Pottery, accepts commissions
Fire Horse Pottery – Pottery
Reannag Teine – Pottery
Tosten’s Pots – Pottery

Armlann – Boots, shoes, assorted leatherwork

Boots by Bohemond – Boots, shoes, and accessories

Blockade Runners – Wall tents

Midwest Tent – Historical tents

Panther Primitives – Historical tents

TentSmiths – Historical tents


Cat Man Do designs – Wood-cut stamps

Du Puy Creations – Woodwork, fiber tools, and musical

Egill’s Woodstuffs – Looms and wood products instruments

JMS Spinning Wheels and Woodworks – Wood work and spinning wheels

Nordik Kraft – Carving in wood, bone, horn, and leather

Sawdust WoodCrafting – Wood furniture and items

T.F. Woodcraft – Handmade fiber arts tools/frames

The BasketMan – Baskets and socks

Where the Gods Live – Hand carved horns

Wild Hare Woodworks – Woodwork 


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