Ratchet Straps

Pack with confidence

Light weight 6-pack



Six pack of ratchet straps with a 1500 lb break weight. 

15 ft length

Good for strapping down your regular pack load for hauling your tent, armor, and everything else that needs to make it to camp.

Heavy Duty 2-pack




Two pack of heavier duty ratchet straps wit a 3,300 lb break weight.

 16 ft in length.

Good for extra heavy loads or being the peace of mind strap securing over the load you already tied down with the light ones.

If you're a typical SCAdian...

You probably overpack stuff. Let’s be real here, it’s not “overloaded” if it stays in the truck bed, right? Most of you already know the magic of ratchet straps, but for those of you that are trying to cargo net and bungee cord your stuff down, let me steer you in this direction. They’re super easy to set up and crank down, they’re easier to get back up than trying to fumble with whatever knot you rope-tied your stuff in, and they will put more tension on your stuff to keep it form flying up and away than any other form of restraint that comes to mind.

Alternatively, if you have a marquis tent, they can be excellent wall ropes. Sure, they’re not “period” but even if it’s just for the corner poles, get a bit anachronistic with it. So long as you have some nice long stakes that can take some extra tension without pulling up, you will never have a more secure setup for tent walls. Of the merchants we here at the Merchant Mall are friends with, several would recommend doing so, and a few of them had their tents do MUCH better than expected mid-Gulfnado simply because the walls were strapped down super well. Honestly you can find a wide variety of uses for a pack of ratchet straps around camp, and we are pretty sure your average SCA member has the DIY mindset to make expanding on the uses of ratchet straps silly. We just wanted to pop a few quick links up to remind you that you really do not have to run to Home Depot, Lowes, or any other hardware stores in a last minute panic if you plan ahead and order an extra set. Having the emergency set of straps stowed under the back seat or in the trunk can sometimes make a difference when you’re JUST trying to get packed up, dangit, the rain is close at hand and for the life of you, there is no way you could locate where the short ratchet end went to the last strap you need to tighten down the stuff on the trailer. This is one of those “have a few extra before you need them” items. This is the friendly reminder to stock up.